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Listed below are all our Tuition Policies, Graduation Requirements and School calendar.

    The New Hampshire School of Mechanical Trades, Inc is an educational institution devoted to developing and furthering the education of tradesmen and women in the State of New Hampshire in the areas of oil and gas heating, plumbing, electrical, residential air conditioning and more.
    The New Hampshire School of Mechanical Trades  is dedicated to assisting men and women of all ages and backgrounds who desire to begin or further a career in any of the trade courses offered. We are a facility that continually strives to achieve and maintain the highest level of educational standards and quality as well as student satisfaction with an emphasis on personal and work safety.

Please carefully read these Tuition Policies as it provides important information pertaining to your contract with the school.  The school will have you agree to these terms by initialing, signing and dating the enrollment agreement when the student comes into the office.​​​

2018 TUITION POLICIES Chapter Hedc 305
The tuition charged per unit shall not be increased for the term of this contract/enrollment form. A student may cancel the enrollment agreement within 3 business days pursuant to RSA 361-B.

STUDENT CONDUCT AND CONDITIONS FOR DISMISSAL: Any student not conducting themselves in an orderly and professional manner, which includes use of drugs and alcohol during school hours, dishonesty, disrupting classes, use of profanity, excessive tardiness, insubordination, violation of safety rules, or not abiding by the school rules will lead to either probation or dismissal from classes.    

STUDENT GRIEVANCE PROCEDURE: Any student who has a grievance with the school or an instructor should first discuss the problem with the instructor or school director. In the event that a solution cannot be reached, the person may file a written complaint with the office of career school licensing. The complaint shall include any evidence on the issues, and documentation that a reasonable effort was made to resolve the complaint directly with that school. Under this agreement, every student is entitled to pursue, after completion of the school’s internal processes, any grievance with the Office of Career School Licensing (603-271-6443), provided the claim is within the scope of Office’s responsibilities as defined in New Hampshire Code of Administrative Rules, Chapter Hedc 300.

REFUND POLICY Chapter Hedc 307

FEDERAL PROGRAM REFUND: The refund policy for students receiving benefits from federal programs shall be in accordance with federal policy, rules and regulations.

FULL REFUND: Students requesting a refund due to the school procured the student’s enrollment as the result of any false representations in the written materials used by the school or in oral representations made by or on the behalf of the school will receive a full refund within 30 days of the request. 
Any student who withdraws from the program or course on or before the first date of instruction is entitled for a full refund, less an administrative fee of $100. 

OTHER REFUNDS: Students who withdraws or is dismissed before 50% of the instructional period shall receive a prorate refund, less an administrative fee, not to exceed $350. 

NO REFUND: Any student that have completed more than 50% of instruction period shall receive no refund.
All efforts shall be made to refund prepaid amounts for books, supplies and other charges unless the student has consumed or used those items and they can no longer be used or sold to new students, or returned by the school to the supplier.

TIMELY REFUNDS PAYMENT: Refunds shall be paid within 30 days of the effective date of termination.

NOTICE OF WITHDRAWAL: Students are required to submit a letter in writing, stating the date of withdrawal and other information they wish to disclose, for the refund/dropped process to begin.
RELEASING STUDENT RECORDS: I give The New Hampshire School of Mechanical Trades permission to release documents that allows sharing of my performance with the State, federal agencies and my employer or sponsor.
ATTENDANCE: TNHSMT maintains an attendance record on each student. The school requires 100% completion of class hours in order to receive a certificate of completion for the course, unless excused by the Director of the school. If a student has not completed the required hours, they are required to arrange make up time with the instructor or the main office. Any more than five absences the instructor, or school, may dismiss the student from the course. 
See Student Conduct and Conditions for dismissal and Re-Entrance policies 

CREDIT FOR PREVIOUS EDUCATION OR TRAINING: The school does not accept transfer credits or hours from any other school’s programs, unless approved by the director of TNHSMT or the State of NH. 

ENROLLMENT DATES: Students may enroll at any time prior to the start of a new class. Enrollment is open until the start date of the desired course, unless the course is at maximum capacity. Starting dates are subject to change at any time. 

ENTRANCE REQUIREMENTS: Applicants must be at least 18 years of age and hold a High School Diploma or a GED. Additional requirements might be needed for some classes that are state governed. 

GRADING SYSTEM: A pass or fail system is used at TNHSMT. Each course is based on 100% attendance, and completion of all tests and labs at a satisfactory progress. Final grades and student evaluations can be issued at the end of each course. For students that may be failing the course, extra assistance can be provided or the student can choose to retake the course in effort to reach the expected level of performance. 
See Re-entrance policy. 

GRADUATION REQUIREMENTS: Students must complete mandated hours, maintain a passing grade of 78% or higher, pass the final examination at the end of the course, and have all payments completed to receive a certificate of completion for the program. 

LEAVE OF ABSENCES: Students may request a leave of absence at any point during their studies. In order to receive a leave of absence, a student must submit a written notice to the school explaining the reason they are not able to attend classes. If a student fails to notify the school director of their leave of absence, the student will be held to the standards discussed in the Attendance section. This includes probation and possible dismissal for lack of attendance. Students wishing to return to classes after a leave of absence must contact the school director. The school director and student will both determine when and if the student will return to class. 

MAKE UP TIME: Students must contact the school Monday-Thursday between 9am-4pm and Fridays before 3pm to schedule your make-up time. The day staff will provide you with a variety of options to choose from. Scheduling will not be provided during evening check in. Please direct any questions and concerns to our day staff. Check in, before and after the session, is required to receive credit for the make up time. Other related courses or events may be accepted if approved by the Director of the school. 

OUTSTANDING BALANCES: Students with a remaining balance after the course has ended will be placed in an outstanding folder. Students with an outstanding balance will not receive a certificate of completion until balance has been paid in full. If the balance is not pay in a timely manner and no agreement has been made, TNHSMT will present this matter to the NH State Small Claims Department. Any fees accosted with this process will be added to the students balance. 
See Graduation Requirements and Releasing Student Records.

STUDENT SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBERS: Workforce Innovation Opportunity Act, a Federal grant, requires that we obtain information from students. The use of your social security number is requested in order to access wage and employment information through the state Unemployment Insurance wage information data base. You cannot be denied service for failure to provide your social security number although we strongly encourage you to do so in order to enable the program to determine employment-related outcomes. Your personal information will be kept confidential and secure, and will not be shared with any outside agencies other than New Hampshire Employment Security. By signing, you agree to participate in this initiative. 

PAYMENT PLANS: TNHSMT provides inhouse, no interest payment plans to all of our students and payees. The Total Tuition includes tuition of the course, books (unless noted), lab materials, and registration fees. The Down Payment for the course should be paid prior to the starting date. Weekly Payments start up the first week of class, and continue for a duration of the course as noted. Payments should be completed by the last day of the course for the student to receive the certificate of completion for the program. Failure to comply can result in the dismissal of the student from the course. 

RETURNED CHECK POLICY: If a payment is made with a check and it is returned from the bank as dishonored, a $25 returned check fee will apply. Our bank will attempt to deposit the check for a second time, if it is returned this fee will be charged again. Students are responsible to resolve these charges so that the account can be restored to good standing. 

RE-ENTRANCE: Any student who was terminated for conduct or damages will not be readmitted. Completing a personal interview with the school director may readmit any student who has been terminated from TNHSMT. Students with insufficient grades or attendance may retake the course, at the next available starting date for no additional cost, to obtain their certificate if first approved by the Director of TNHSMT. 

REPRINTS OF CERTIFICATES: Certificates shall be issued within 30 days of the completion date of the course or program to those students who have met all of the completion requirements, including tuition payment of the applicable course of study. If a student needs to have their certificate reprinted due to loss or damage there will be a charge of $25 for a new copy. The printing process may take up to one week upon request. 

STUDENT RECORDS: Hedc 304.04 At a minimum, a school shall maintain current, complete, and accurate student records of the following documents in a safe and secure environment for a minimum of 3 years. 
See Releasing Student Records.

The following holidays are observed and no classes are held: 
January 1st - New Years Day 
May 27th - Memorial Day 
July 4th- Independence Day 
September 2nd - Labor Day 
November 28th - Thanksgiving Day 
November 29th - Day After Thanksgiving 
December 24th - Christmas Eve 
December 25th - Christmas Day 
December 31st - New Years Eve 
Other holidays will be determined If they will be observed by the teacher’s discretion. Instructors will announce their decision during the previous class.

SCHOOL CALENDAR: TNHSMT reserves the right to amend the calendar at any given time. The hours per week vary depending if the class is academic or lab. Please refer to the program’s detailed schedule. 
The NH School of Mechanical Trades operates on a non traditional term. Weather will play a major role in actual class schedule. Classes canceled due to weather or other unfortunate circumstances are made up at the end of the program, extending the ending date of the program. 
The School may close on occasion due to extended observation of holidays or inclement weather. Students can call the school, check out channel 9 NH, Facebook, Twitter or our website for all school cancellations or delays.