Tool Lists and Kits
Tools are not included in our tuition, but we have a few tool kits that can be purched right through us! These kits need to be ordered and may take a few weeks to come in. 
On this page you will also find tool lists for many of our courses that will be needed throghout the course. Instructors will go over the tools needed on the first day of class. 
HVAC Tool Kit #3

Kit Cost: $695

  1. HVAC Tool Kit #3
  2. HVAC Tool Kit #3
  3. HVAC Tool Kit #3
  4. HVAC Tool Kit #3
  5. HVAC Tool Kit #3
  6. HVAC Tool Kit #3
  7. HVAC Tool Kit #3
  8. HVAC Tool Kit #3
  9. HVAC Tool Kit #3
  10. HVAC Tool Kit #3
  11. HVAC Tool Kit #3
  12. HVAC Tool Kit #3
  13. HVAC Tool Kit #3
  14. HVAC Tool Kit #3
  15. Folding Hex Key
  16. HVAC Tool Kit #3
  17. HVAC Tool Kit #3
  18. HVAC Tool Kit #3
  19. HVAC Tool Kit #3
  20. HVAC Tool Kit #3
Comes with: Tool bag, Safety Goggles, 1" Round Inspection Mirror, Pocket Thermometer, Tape Measure, Mini Screwdriver/valve tool, 6-in-1 Screwdriver, Ballpein Hammer, Service Wrench, Service Wrench with Adapter Fitting, Combination Wrench Set, 10" Adjustable Wrench with Grip, Crimper/stripper, Mini Tube Cutter, Large Tube Cutter, Vise-Grip, Swaging Set, Flaring Set, Long Hex Key Set, Folding Hex Key Set, Deluxe Valve Core Remover, Manifold set (R410/ R404/ R22), Straight Low Loss Fitting, 2 90 Degree Low Loss Fitting, Digital Clampon Meter, Diagonal Plier, Longnose Plier, Pump Plier, 3 different Sizes of Nut Drivers, LED Flash Light, a Triangular File, Pressure Temperature Chart, and a Pocket Ductulator Chart. 

Shipping is included in the total cost of the tools, and they take approximatly 2 weeks to come in.
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