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Being a successful Tradesman or Woman is so much more than simply showing up for work each day, working long hours in sometimes-difficult environments. Our trades are built on a foundation of mutual respect and loyalty to one another. Respect for ourselves, our trade, and our fellow Tradespeople. It’s about helping one another, with out reservation to conquer any problem set before us. It’s about giving back to others, what has been given to us. This is what makes a career in the “Trades” such a unique, exciting, and rewarding experience.

What we offer:

  1. Heating
    We have hands on training courses for Oil heat and Gas heat, as well as Gas Licensing courses, MA Gas Prep course, NH & MA Gas Continuing Education and NH Gas state exams!
  2. HVAC
    We have two HVAC courses, one focuses on only Air Conditioning and the other Refrigeration systems. These can be taken as a combo course!
  3. Plumbing
    We have entry a level plumbing course, four different levels of Apprentice Plumbing courses, as well as MA & NH Plumbing Prep courses and MA & NH Plumbing Continuing Education!
  4. Electrical
    We have entry a level Electrical course, four different levels of Apprentice Electrical courses, as well as MA & NH Electrical Prep courses and the mandatory code updates for license renewals!
  1. Oil Lab
  2. Gas Lab
  3. HVAC class
  4. HVAC
  5. Oil Heat lab
  6. HVAC Lab
  7. Gas Heat Lab
  8. Electrical Lab
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Classes will be updated as starting date near. 

January 9th 2017
These Gas Courses are designed for all levels of gas knowledge! We have training courses and licensing course available.

Gas piping Installer course is for the NH state licensing needs to obtain the Gas Piping Installer License. This course is 8 weeks long, meeting on Mondays and Wednesdays from 5:30 to 9:30pm for a total of 60 hours. Students must have their Trainee Card to join these course. 

Gas Systems, Controls and Service Program is our 15 week Gas equipment training course. We have many systems in our lab that are fully functional to teach new and old technician about the new technology that gas industry is using. This course is a through breakdown of Gas fired equipment, great for new technicians as well as seasoned technician that wish to learn more about the ever changing systems. 

Gas License Code Combo is a three-part course that meets for 18 weeks for the total of 140 hours of education. Part one is the requirements for the Gas Piping Installer License; Part two is the Equipment Installers licensing requirements and part three is the Service Technician licensing requirements. With these three certificates, the technician will have all the educational requirements needed for the gas licensing in NH. Trainee card and testing between sections is required. 

Gas License and Service Program is all four of our gas courses lumped into one 33-week course. This course is great for a new technician that is looking for thorough training on the Gas fired systems and the code requirements for the NH gas licensing. 

Check out the course listing for more information on the tuition, duration and descriptions. 

Gas Piping Installer (Licensing)

Gas Systems, Controls and Service Program

Gas License Code Combo

Gas License and Service
Course List
January 16th 2017
Our day courses meet for 8 weeks, Mondays and Thursdays. 
Oil Heat and HVAC operate from 9am to 4:30pm
Electrical 101 and Plumbing 101 operate from 9am to 3:30pm

Tuition cost for each is $2200 and this includes Registration, books and Lab fees. Students will be responsible for bringing in their own tools.

Each course has their own corresponding lab for hand on training. Students will have written exams as well as lab exams; where they will be troubleshooting and fixing problems.

Check out our course listing for more information!
Day Courses:

Oil Heat Technician


Electriacl 101

​Plumbing 101
Course List
January 30th 2017
These evening courses are designed to give a ground level of understanding what these trades involve and give incite to someone who is interested in these fields.

The electrical course provides understanding of the OHMS law, math skills, color coordination and learning about basic procedures like lighting fixtures, switches, and outlets. This course has 50% lab time to work with tools and materials.

The plumbing course provides understanding of tool safety, materials, and what is used today vs. the old way. Students have a hands on lab that will be used to create a bathroom, blueprinting and installing the piping needed for the fixtures.
Electrical 101 - Evening

Plumbing 101 - Evening
Course List
January 31st 2017
This course is 18 hours in duration and is designed to instruct students on the main highlights of the 2009 International Plumbing Code. Students will be issued a book of collected material and will learn proper and efficient methods to navigating the code book. Other course topics that will be covered include:  Amendments to the current code, Discussion of the A.D.A. Code, How to read and understand building plans, Basic math formulas, and math problem solving.

This course is ideal for students preparing to sit for the N.H. Journeyman or Master Plumbing License Exam and will help ensure students the best possible opportunity for success.
NH Plumbing Prep
Course List
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